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Modern society has lost its connection with the basic framework of Nature’s functioning within Universal Space. Together with the innovative technologies mankind has now access to, men have to be determined to change this established centralized control within our economic system. With every effort we should strive for decentralization, community driven solutions, and found our basis model of economics upon the principle of an ownership economic model.

We are convinced that with the use of Distributed Ledger Technology together with Blockchain as a prime facilitating technology, community driven ecosystems need to be built to empower economic continuity and sustainability. Ecosystems are to be structured as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s) where the community members hold the shared responsibility of the functioning and maintenance of the system based on an equally distributed reward/ revenue sharing system. Financial inclusion, systemic fairness and a debt free society have to become main principles in order to succeed within a self-sovereign financial system.

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